We are going ahead with our rehearsal in Burnley but please read!

We understand that in these difficult times, there may be some of you who would prefer not to come tomorrow. But we also know that many would still very much like to come, so as of Friday 13 March at 3pm we are going ahead. However please be sure to read the following points and check for further updates.

Our responsibilities: We will ensure that we are being as safe as possible by 

1. Setting the seats a good distance apart (it is a big space so there is plenty of room for this)

2. Ensuring everything has been thoroughly cleaned in all the places where we will be.

3. Giving out clean sheets of words for the songs – or you can bring your own. You may also want to bring a labelled folder to put them in.

As mentioned previously it is also really important that you don’t come if you have been unwell, have a persistent cough / temperature, or have been with others who are unwell. We are really looking forward to seeing those of you who come, and if no one comes watch out for video clips of Moira, Olwyn, Janet and Janet doing funny things with songs. 

Your responsibilities: We are asking you to:

1. Cough or sneeze into a tissue and bin it – there will be a closed pedal bin available for this

2. Wash your hands on arrival and after any sneezing/coughing

3. Bring your own hot drinks and cake as well as lunch. (We just think this is the safest way to go – sorry!) There will be limited supplies available too.

4. Use elbow bumps or facial expressions for greetings (what a lovely idea for a warm up!)