Singing in the suburbs!

We ventured to the leafy suburbs of Manchester today for the second Manchester-based rehearsal of 2016. We were led by Jules & Jacqui but we were also pleased that Janet Russell was there to lend a hand when one of the sections was struggling! We ran through the whole repertoire for the 12th June and perfected our dancing and clapping, as well as our singing! Here are some photos of the day:

Participants pay £15 to register and a further £5 to attend each rehearsal. This means that for every singer who registers, £15 goes directly to WaterAid and provides clean water and sanitation for an individual in Africa. Any costs associated with running rehearsals are taken from the separate £5 with the remainder also going to WaterAid. We have not yet paid out all of the costs associated with today and therefore we are not sure exactly how much extra will be donated to WaterAid from this rehearsal. However, excluding today, our total so far this year now stands at £5482.70 with the cumulative total since 2011 now at £30,887.73!