Wanted- Hundreds of Singers with a Touch of Kindness!

Come and sing with us in Albert Square, Manchester on Sunday 7th June and help people in undeveloped communities get clean water and sanitation for life.

We can actually stop children from dying after drinking contaminated water- by singing!!

For some years now Community Choirs all over Britain have been supporting Water Aid as their chosen charity. Choirs often sing songs from all over the world, sometimes from places that are rich in music but poor in development. By raising money for water we can go some way towards giving back a little of what we have gained in world music.

We call it Sing for Water and events happen annually all over the country. Here in Manchester, we try to rally as many local choirs and singers from the North West region and beyond, as we can. We regularly get over 300 singers and sometimes as many as 500.

Please add your voice and help us create a massed sing.

Bring your choir or singing group or just join in as an individual or group of friends. It doesn’t matter if you don’t think of yourself as a singer- there are no auditions, no need to read music, and you won’t have to sing by yourself.  You’ll discover the fabulous feeling you get when you sing in glorious harmony with hundreds of other people.

This is how it works: 

You register online with Sing for Water North (or if you don’t have internet access, send an SAE to Sing for Water North, 29 Digby Lodge, Manchester, M20 6AP). 

You donate £15. The reason it’s £15 is that is the amount to provide safe clean water and sanitation for one person – FOR LIFE. Just think about that. Your £15 saves one other human being.

Once you’ve registered, you can get access to all the songs on-line. As well as that you can come to a lovely big rehearsal and meet some of the other singers and have the songs taught by some of the best leaders in the land. On the day, the songs will be led by a Sing for Water North MD with a rehearsal in the morning and a performance after lunch.

As well as the registrations, we collect money from the audience on the day. EVERY PENNY goes to Water Aid. The event is run by volunteers and the music leaders give their time for nothing. In this way, singers from the North of England and Wales have raised over £20,000 and helped to build wells and sanitation blocks in Ghana.

You don’t have to sing to help, you can:

Make a donation on our Just Giving Page;

Come down and support us on the day;

Pass the word along;

Shake a bucket.

Best of all – come and sing with us- it’s a wonderful experience- life changing and life-saving.