News from Ghana

GhanaThose of you who made it to the 2 previous rehearsals will have heard a little about how the money you raise for Sing for Water will be directed to projects in Ghana. You can find a good video about the country and the problems its citizens have with lack of access to clean water and sanitation here.

Here is what Madam Comfort Aziati, of Kodidi Kpedzi, Ghana had to say:

“Our dream has come through!  I was born in this community about 41 years ago. This community used to be very small but has now become big. What I always used to worry about as soon as I got up from bed every day, especially when we were not in the rainy season, was how to get enough water to meet the needs of my family.

In this community we had 5 boreholes but only 2 were working. The rest did not have water. Out of the 2 working boreholes, one is very far from the community. The one which is quite near was always crowded. Any time I visited there, especially when it wasn’t raining, I spent about 60 minutes before getting a basin of water.

The mechanisation of the boreholes has brought a lot of relief to the community especially for us, the women and children. Now, when I visit the borehole site, I spend just less than 10 minutes, because many people can fetch water at the same time. We are happy about this development in our community because the precious time we spent looking for water can now be used to do other work, important work.”.

I hope this brings the impact of your fundraising into focus – the money you are raising is making a real difference. Thank you for all your hard work, we’re going to have a fabulous Sing for Water North this year.