Diana’s dyeing her hair for water!

A couple of years ago Diana raised some money for Sing for Water by doing a sponsored bike ride which she says “nearly killed her”!

As a committed member of Picturehouse choir and key person on the Sing for Water North team, she was wondering what else she could do to raise money for Sing for Water North when a ‘friend’ dared her to dye her hair an outrageous colour.

As a singer in the Alto section, Diana will be wearing purple for the performance in Albert Square and thought it would be good to have purple hair to match!

Diana will be having her hair dyed on June 1st in time for our performance on the 2nd and will keep it like that for a couple of weeks. Come and watch our performance at approximately 1.30 and see if you can spot her! If you would like to make a donation to support Diana, please click here