Busking for water

Have any of you in choirs considered busking locally to raise even more money for Water Aid?

Picturehouse Choir raised almost £300 this way, which more than covered the costs of staging the main Sing for Water North event in 2011; the rest, of course, went directly to Water Aid.


You must obtain a  street collection permit from your local council but it is surprisingly easy to do  – I did it all online.

Water Aid have very helpful staff who you can ask for information, materials such as publicity materials to hand out and collection buckets, or just a bit of moral support; they have a resources page with all the information you need.

If you want to, email us using the contacts page and we can help you with any questions.

Go on, have a go – it’s great fun (even in the rain) and you get a bit more practice for the big day.