We’re too popular! Rehearsal changes announced


“We have had an amazing response this year, with almost three times as many people wanting to come to rehearsals as did so last year. Unfortunately, this has led to a problem which we didn’t foresee – we have reached the maximum capacity for our rehearsal venue! This has led to some necessary changes in the arrangements for rehearsals:


The rehearsal on 17th March will go ahead as planned, but we will not be able to accept any more singers on that day.


So that no-one will miss out on a rehearsal, we are organising an extra rehearsal on 27th April for all those who have not yet registered, so any additions to choir lists and any choirs who have not yet registered will be offered a place on the rehearsals on 27th April and on 12th May.  The rehearsal on the 12th May will go ahead as planned but will be at a different venue with a larger capacity.


Details of both rehearsals will be available here as soon as possible.”